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Why You Should Track Analytics Long Term and How to Do It Effectively

Training smart starts with recording your metrics. To truly maximize the benefits, it is essential to track analytics long-term.

Success With Metrics

Improving Metrics with Drills

Improving metrics is a necessary step to improve overall performance. So once you’ve identified which metrics need more work, you can start tailoring workouts and implementing drills to target those areas. Here are a few drills to improve DPS, Stroke Rate, and Time Underwater.

Success With Metrics

Optimizing Race Strategy Using Data

There are plenty of variables that come into play when deciding on a race strategy: stroke, distance, individual preference and swimming style, to name a few. Read on to learn how using data plays an important role in optimizing race strategy.

How to Choose Focal Metrics to Improve at Any Event

While each of TritonWear's metrics provides insightful data, you can choose focal metrics to tailor technique and training to fit specific goals to each unique circumstance – whether the swimmers are training for distance or sprint, for any given stroke.

Success With Metrics

Why It’s Important to Track Metrics to Achieve Your Goals

Becoming a better athlete is about training with purpose. Here are some of the reasons tracking metrics is essential to achieving your goals.

Success With Metrics

How to Engage Your Athletes, and Keep Them Engaged

How TritonWear helps further engage your athletes by accurately setting and tracking goals, while helping athletes view their own progress to the goal.

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3 Steps To Success


Outfit Team

Turn it on, take your mark and let TritonWear do the rest


Track Training To Isolate Weaknesses

Understand how to improve with precision and purpose.


Act On Insights and Win!

Let TritonWear give you an edge on the competition.