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The 3 Best SwimSwam Pages to Improve Your Swim Training

Our top 3 (plus a bonus 4th) favourite pages on SwimSwam for improving swim training.


SwimSwam is one of the best go-to resources for all things swimming. If you’re one of the very few who have never visited SwimSwam’s website, add it to your to-do list ASAP.

With their massive collection of content, including articles, videos, swimmer bios, and more, Swim Swam has something for everyone in the swimming community. Coaches and swimmers specifically, can utilize SwimSwam to learn and find new ways to improve training and have a successful swim season.


Every page on SwimSwam contains great resources, but here are our top 3 picks (plus a bonus 4th) that will help improve your swim training.


1. Training Intel

The Training Intel page is a treasure trove of articles and videos that can help swimmers become more well rounded athletes.

This page not only contains practical training tips, and drill and workout examples. It also houses articles relating to improving mental toughness, developing good habits, preparing for competition and building team culture, just to name a few.

Swimming is a lifestyle, and becoming a better swimmer is more than just the physicality of it. So whether you’re looking for stroke specific tips and workout inspiration, or you’re looking to become a better athlete both in and out of the pool, check out Training Intel.


2. News

SwimSwam’s News page lets you easily stay up to date on everything relevant going on in swimming communities across the world. From new rules and regulations you should be aware of, to competition results, and everything in between.

SwimSwam’s coverage of major competitions, for instance, can help you stay updated on meet results and new records set. Not only is this great from an awareness standpoint. It can help you gauge how much faster you need to be, to compete at the level you’re aiming for.

It’s also a great way to gain insight into strategies and tactics of elite swimmers that you can learn from and guide your own strategies.


3. Gear 

SwimSwam regularly features new swim technology and equipment that can help enhance your training. They range from swimwear/accessories, to training equipment, to more advanced technology.

While not every swim gear they feature will be what you need to improve, you can learn about up and coming swim technology available on the market. This is a valuable resource for your research when finding the right swim technology that will help you achieve your swimming goals.


Bonus: Sports Science Crash Course

Sports Science Crash Course is a new SwimSwam page, published earlier this year (full disclosure: it’s filled with TritonWear content!)

There are 3 main categories on this page, where you can find a variety of resources to find training ideas and tools to help you swim faster and prevent injuries.

Biomechanics Breakdown deconstructs movements and skills in the water, to uncover techniques that promote faster swimming. Physiology fuel-up explores how swimmers can reach their peak capabilities in training and competition, without risking injury. Practice Makes Perfect provides actionable training tips you can implement in your own practices.


Jasmine Ong

Jasmine has over 13 years of competitive swimming experience and is a marketing professional by trade. Jasmine enjoys merging her swimming history with her natural marketing abilities, to deliver valuable swimming and performance content.

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