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How to Choose Focal Metrics to Improve at Any Event

While each of TritonWear's metrics provides insightful data, you can choose focal metrics to tailor technique and training to fit specific goals to each unique circumstance – whether the swimmers are training for distance or sprint, for any given stroke.

Success With Metrics

Why It’s Important to Track Metrics to Achieve Your Goals

Becoming a better swimmer is about training with purpose. Here are some of the reasons tracking metrics is essential to achieving your swimming goals.

Success With Metrics

How to Engage Your Athletes, and Keep Them Engaged

How TritonWear helps keep athletes engaged in their own success, in new and exciting ways.

Coaches Corner

Swimming Canada to Utilize TritonWear to Improve Relay Performance

Swimming Canada and TritonWear partner to improve Tokyo 2020 relay performance. Read more to find out how this partnership changes the game.


First 30 Days: Making TritonWear Work for Your Team

A reference guide to the first 30 days with TritonWear. The tips and tricks to master on your way to becoming a pro.

Success With Metrics

Test Sets: Measuring Progress Effectively

A collection of the types of test sets used to test performance improvements throughout a season. As well as how TritonWear makes this task easier.

Success With Metrics

3 Steps To Success


Outfit Team

Turn it on, take your mark and let TritonWear do the rest


Track Training To Isolate Weaknesses

Understand how to improve with precision and purpose.


Act On Insights and Win!

Let TritonWear give you an edge on the competition.