Jasmine Ong

Jasmine brings over 13 years of competitive swimming experience. As TritonWear’s marketing coordinator, she merges her swimming history with her natural marketing abilities, to help build and deliver the valuable swimming and performance content you've come to trust from TritonWear.
Blog Posts written by Jasmine Ong

The 8 Best Lactate Production Swimming Sets

Lactate production training promotes fast sprint swimming. Here are 8 lactate production swimming sets to add to your workout.

Coaches Corner

The Best Swim Workout Sets to Add to Your Workout

With how often swimmers need to come to practice, swim workouts can easily become monotonous. So, if you’re looking for workout ideas to improve your own swim, or to build a winning swim team, here are some of the best swim workout sets to add to your workout.

Coaches Corner

Why You ALWAYS Create Swimming Practice Plans the Night Before

3 reasons to prepare swimming practice plans the night before - at the very least.

Coaches Corner

What Makes an Effective Swimming Drill?

Swimming drills are an essential part of any good swimming workout, no matter how much experience a swimmer has. Here are a few key traits of an effective swimming drill.

Coaches Corner

One Simple Secret to Effective Swim Sets

With swimmer putting in anywhere from 10-30 hours a week to drop a few seconds, or sometimes even just milliseconds off swim time, every single practice has to count, and every single set has to be effective. Here's 1 simple secret to effective swim sets.

Coaches Corner

5 Swimming Drills that Don't Work to Improve Technique

5 swimming drills that’s not just for improving technique, but also for developing other areas to help you swim faster.

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