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15 Habits of Elite Swimmers

Elite swimmers aren't born, they're made. Here are 15 habits of elite swimmers to help you reach your swimming goals.

How to Swim Faster

Featured Coach: Bruno Langlois

Bruno Langlois talks about how TritonWear helps him develop swimmers to understand their data, win more medals, and make nationals.

Coaches Corner

Featured Coach: Jeremy Organ

Jeremy Organ talks about the value of TritonWear in improving his team, and how he uses the system within his workouts.

Coaches Corner

Featured Coach: Brent Mitchell

Brent Mitchell discusses his team's usage of TritonWear, and how it helped him develop formulas for having a powerful stroke.

Coaches Corner

The 5 Most Common Taper Mistakes

Common pitfalls swimmers should avoid in competition preparation. Taper mistakes can have a detrimental impact on overall performance.

A Guide to Surviving the Ready Room

Ready rooms can be daunting or exciting, depending on personalities present. With this guide to surviving the ready room, learn what to expect and how to cope.

3 Steps To Success


Outfit Team

Turn it on, take your mark and let TritonWear do the rest


Track Training To Isolate Weaknesses

Understand how to improve with precision and purpose.


Act On Insights and Win!

Let TritonWear give you an edge on the competition.