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Understanding Focus Comparisons

Use TritonWear Focus Comparisons and know exactly where you stand against your competition.


Comparisons lie at the core of competition. Inside the pool, the fastest one prevails. It is in the athlete’s inherent competitive nature to always strive to do better than themselves and others. Comparisons, however, should not be used to point out shortcomings. Instead, they should be a source of inspiration that guides you to swim faster.

With TritonWear, you can use Focus comparisons as valuable tools in your growth.  Focus Comparisons measure your most recent activity against your previous or athletes like you. 


My Average

 The ''My Average'' comparison shows you how you rank in skill execution against your typical swimming profile. Are you improving more than what your typical performance is for each specific metric?

If your score hits 80 or higher, you’re improving your technical skills optimally. However, scores under 70 will require your attention. The app will offer you more insights with personalized recommendations for each stroke and phase based on your individual metrics.

Keep in mind that your individual stroke scores will unlock after you perform 20 laps of each stroke. After about five workouts on each stroke type, the algorithm will understand your swimming ''style'' and use it to model your Focus comparisons. Once you have a couple of activities under your belt, it will use the 90-day average. 

Unleash your speed.

Like Me

For the ‘’Like Me’’ comparison, the algorithm considers swimmers your speed and height. There is no single person the app uses to compare you with; several users create the model. 

Similar to the ''My Average'' comparison, scores range from 0-100. If your score is hitting 75 or higher, you’re improving your technical skills more than others in your height or speed. On the other hand, scores under 70 will require your attention as you’re improving much less than other athletes like you. Look for your personalized recommendations for each stroke and phase based on your individual metrics.

To make the best use of the Focus comparisons, you can choose a specific Focus metric and monitor your performance ranks. First, take a look at the individual stroke scores, and observe which ones score higher or lower. Next, you can dig deeper into the analytics of your stroke by looking at the different phases. Each phase will give you other focus metrics.

You can click on the individual metric, and the Focus recommendations may display a message like: ‘’Your Breaststroke is improving, focus on your transitions, specifically your push strength.’’ You can then choose to check your transition metrics and your push strength metric specifically.

For more insights on how your push strength compares to others, you can click on the metric, and the app will then display a chart for that metric and a message like:’’ Your Push Strength is better than 60% of athletes like you’’. Lastly, it will give you specific recommendations on how to improve your overall transition time.

Lastly, keep in mind that for the ‘’Like Me’’ comparison, there is a pool size choice between short-course or long-course. For ‘’Myself’’, the pool size displays whatever you practiced that day (SC or LC).

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Alexandra Petala

Alexandra Petala is the Content Marketing Manager at TritonWear. Before joining TritonWear, Alexandra had created her own company delivering freelance services for lead generation. She also served as the Growth Manager at Just' Geter Done. A former swimming coach and Greek National Champion herself with over 20 years of experience in competitive swimming. Alexandra graduated from the Empire State University with a degree in Business Economics and Marketing.

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