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5 Ways to Set Your Swimming Goals for the 2019 Seasons

Goal setting is an ongoing process. Here are 5 ways to effectively set your swimming goals for the 2019 seasons.

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How to Swim Faster Freestyle

Whether you're a triathlete training for open water, a competitive or recreational swimmer, improving your freestyle is likely on your radar. Here are a few tips to swim faster freestyle.

How to Swim Faster

Why Your Breaststroke Technique is Failing You

If you're struggling to improve your breaststroke technique, check if you're making any of these common breaststroke mistakes.

How to Swim Faster

5 Ways to Optimize Your Backstroke Technique

Learning to swim backstroke is fairly easy, doing it well can be slightly more challenging. Here are 5 ways to optimize your backstroke technique.

How to Swim Faster

How to Swim Faster Butterfly

Swimming butterfly is no joke, but there are a few key things you can focus on to swim faster butterfly.

How to Swim Faster

4 Tips to Master Breathing When Swimming

Breathing technique is something you should actively work on if you want to become a better swimmer.

How to Swim Faster

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