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Everything YOU need to know about Freestyle Rotation

Rotation (body roll) is key to great freestyle swimming. We explain what freestyle rotation is about, why it's crucial, and tips and drills to improve it.

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On the Fly: TritonWear Analyzes Components of Butterfly Success

The TritonWear data team reveals how growing older and gaining more swimming experience affects butterfly stroke count and time underwater.

How to Swim Faster

5 Quick Tips to Improve YOUR Freestyle Stroke

These are the top 5 things all professional freestyle swimmers have in common, and what sets them apart from any hobby athlete or amateur swimmers.

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Breaststroke Breakdown: TritonWear Reveals Trends Across Age Groups

Our data science team ponders: as young swimmers continue to grow in age, height, and ability, how do these changes affect their breaststroke development?

Coaches Corner

The History & Mechanics of Freestyle Swimming

Ever wondered where freestyle came from, what makes it different from Back, Breast or Fly, and how to train for it in different ways? Read on for answers.

How to Swim Faster

Back For More: TritonWear Analyzes Backstroke Efficiency

We answer the question: as young swimmers grow in age, height, and ability, how do these changes affect their backstroke efficiency (speed + DPS)?

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