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Back For More: TritonWear Analyzes Backstroke Efficiency

We answer the question: as young swimmers grow in age, height, and ability, how do these changes affect their backstroke efficiency (speed + DPS)?

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Teenagers & Freestyle DPS — What's Height Got To Do With It?

How does age impact when and how a swimmer ramps up their stroke rate, as opposed to increasing their DPS, when trying to improve freestyle swimming speed?

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The Impact of Stroke Rate & DPS on Freestyle Speed

Since we wanted to analyze how Stroke Rate and DPS influence the total speed, we did a deep dive (pun intended) into the data and crunched a few numbers.

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How to Use Stroke Rate to Improve Swim Performance

Finding the ideal stroke rate can greatly improve swim performance and lead to better results.

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Grouping Athletes for More Organized Tracking

Groups provide a more organized display of data, so you can track a specific set of athletes for a given time, before easily switching over to monitor another group.

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4 Steps to Successfully Integrate Technology Into Training

Implementing new technology may be a big change, but it could only lead to positive outcomes for you and your team. Here are a few ways to effectively integrate technology into training.

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