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Michael Andrew 2021 vs Michael Phelps 2016 200IM Trials

Epic showdown: Michael Andrew 2021 vs Michael Phelps 2016 200IM Trials. Let's look at the metrics behind these races and uncover how they are swimming as fast as they are and what they need to do to improve further.

Race Analysis

Race Analysis: Women's 100M Free Final Rio Olympic Games

The Rio women’s 100m free final was slated to be one of the most exciting races. While it did turn into an epic showdown, it wasn’t at all as predicted.

Race Analysis

TritonWear Race Analysis: Men's 100m Breaststroke - 2018 US Nationals

A look at Michael Andrew's win at the 2018 Phillips 66. Learn what insights the metrics revealed!

Race Analysis

TritonWear Race Analysis: Men's 400m Freestyle - 2016 Olympic Games

The men's 400m freestyle at the 2016 Rio Olympics was not only a thrilling race to watch, but there were also plenty of insights to be gained from the metrics at play.

Race Analysis

Lessons Learned: a Look at the 2017 World Championships

A summary look at the key data-driven lessons learned from analyzing 9 finals events at the 2017 Final World Championships in Budapest. A must read!

Race Analysis

Rio 2016: Women's 200m Freestyle Race - a Data-driven Look at How Katie Ledecky Won

We take a deep dive at the data from the Rio 2016 W200FR race, and analyze how Katie Ledecky won the race by such a close margin.

Race Analysis

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