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How a Bilateral Breathing Pattern Will Make You a Faster Freestyler

Bilateral breathing is less about how often you breathe, more about developing the ability to breathe on both sides to balance your entire freestyle stroke

How to Swim Faster

On the Fly: TritonWear Analyzes Components of Butterfly Success

The TritonWear data team reveals how growing older and gaining more swimming experience affects butterfly stroke count and time underwater.

How to Swim Faster

The History & Mechanics of Freestyle Swimming

Ever wondered where freestyle came from, what makes it different from Back, Breast or Fly, and how to train for it in different ways? Read on for answers.

How to Swim Faster

Where is YOUR Swim Breakout Distance?

It's hard to know EXACTLY where your swim breakout should be--but luckily with help from our Motion Analysis software, you can figure out your EXACT point.

How to Swim Faster

How to Swim Faster Freestyle

No matter your swimming level, improving freestyle is likely on your radar. Here are a few tips to improve stroke technique and swim faster freestyle.

How to Swim Faster

Why Your Breaststroke Technique is Failing You

If you're struggling to improve your breaststroke technique, check if you're making any of these common breaststroke mistakes.

How to Swim Faster

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