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What's the Best Swim Tracker? Here's 5 things to consider...

With technology on the rise in swimming, it's hard to decide which is the best swim tracker. Here's 5 things to consider before your next purchase.

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The 3 Best SwimSwam Pages to Improve Your Swim Training

Our top 3 (plus a bonus 4th) favourite pages on SwimSwam for improving swim training.

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3 Swim Practice Sets that Swimmers Hate and Coaches Love

Check out these swim practice sets to up the challenge in your next swim workout.

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5 Swimming Drills that Don't Work to Improve Technique

5 swimming drills that’s not just for improving technique, but also for developing other areas to help you swim faster.

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How TritonWear Can Help You Get Recruited

College recruitment is a highly selective process so a competitive edge is extremely valuable. Here's how you gain recruiting advantage with TritonWear.

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5 Ways to Set Your Swimming Goals for the 2019 Seasons

Goal setting is an ongoing process. Here are 5 ways to effectively set your swimming goals for the 2019 seasons.

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