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How Rep Intensity Impacts Your Intensity Score

Intensity answers the question, ‘’how hard you trained during the workout’’. In this article, we explore how rep intensity impacts overall intensity.

Intensity answers the question, ‘’how hard you trained during the workout’’. The Intensity score is a summary score of energy, distance, and work vs rest (how much time was spent actively swimming). The TritonWear technology enables you to make data-driven decisions to swim faster. The key is to get in the habit of tracking all workouts to enable training smarter.

Training smarter requires frequent iterations, like adjusting your training based on insights in skill execution and recovery. Although high intensity is often the goal of many programs, the reality is that it is best to train as hard as you can recover. Fluctuation in the Triton Score will show how Intensity impacts Readiness (load) and Focus (skills).

How increasing rep intensity affects your Intensity Score?

The Intensity score is shown on a scale of 0-100. The harder your body works, the higher the zones you hit and the higher the strain. Anaerobic workouts will hit higher Energy scores.

To gain deeper insights into your energy system progressions through the season, you can view Time in Training Zones and the Aerobic vs Anaerobic split from the past 7, 30, and 90 days.

TritonWear Intensity Energy-Tablet


The app then further displays your distance and % of training and breaks down distribution by stroke, kick, and other (non-core swimming i.e drills). By toggling between this workout and the past 7,30, or 90 days, you can review how much volume you clocked under each stroke type. 


When Intensity is averaged across your workout,  energy is weighted more than distance and active time, assuming there isn’t a significant tradeoff between them. In your workout overview you can check how intensity fluctuates during each rep. The higher the green line peaks, the higher the intensity (speed) of that rep.

However, although rep intensity (speed) is higher during max all-out short reps, it will hardly impact the overall Intensity score because of the drop in distance and active time.

A Vo2 max set, on the other hand, will significantly impact overall workout Intensity because there is less of a tradeoff between energy, distance and rest.

To ramp up rep intensity, you can increase speed or add resistance to your training, like swimming with parachutes, paddles, ankle bands, Power Tower or water Strechcordzs. Alternatively, you can also try breaking down a set into rounds of sets. When a set is broken down into rounds of reps (3x10x100) instead of straight reps (30x100), assuming they are working on the same training zone, you can increase speed as there is more rest, and the set feels easier.

The goal is to see high scores across workouts with progressive overload. Remember, though, that Intensity over time will reflect your training plan. During periods of progressive overload or tapering, the intensity will fluctuate, causing the chart to shift upwards or downwards over time.

Alexandra Petala

Alexandra Petala is the Content Marketing Manager at TritonWear. Before joining TritonWear, Alexandra had created her own company delivering freelance services for lead generation. She also served as the Growth Manager at Just' Geter Done. A former swimming coach and Greek National Champion herself with over 20 years of experience in competitive swimming. Alexandra graduated from the Empire State University with a degree in Business Economics and Marketing.

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