Jasmine Ong

Jasmine brings over 13 years of competitive swimming experience. As TritonWear’s marketing coordinator, she merges her swimming history with her natural marketing abilities, to help build and deliver the valuable swimming and performance content you've come to trust from TritonWear.
Blog Posts written by Jasmine Ong

4 Training Tips to Build Your Swimming Endurance

No matter what type of swimmer you are, whether you’re a pool or open water swimmer, or you swim competitively or recreationally, increasing your stamina can do wonders for your swimming.

Conquer Training

How to Improve Your Swim Starts

Starting with a strong, fast dive off the blocks is absolutely essential to swimming a great race.

How to Swim Faster

How to Build a Winning Swim Training Plan

Build a winning swim training plan with these tips.

Coaches Corner

Shave Time by Improving Your Flip Turns

A large part of becoming a better swimmer is knowing how to execute a fast turn with proper technique.

How to Swim Faster

4 Tried and True Techniques that Will Improve Your Swimming Speed

Every swimmer has their own sets of ever changing goals throughout their swimming career. But, the one common big picture goal that most, if not all, swimmers have is to swim faster. Here's 4 techniques that will get you started.

How to Swim Faster

TritonWear Race Analysis: Men's 100m Breaststroke - 2018 US Nationals

A look at Michael Andrew's win at the 2018 Phillips 66. Learn what insights the metrics revealed!

Race Analysis

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Outfit Team

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