Jasmine Ong

Jasmine brings over 13 years of competitive swimming experience. As TritonWear’s marketing coordinator, she merges her swimming history with her natural marketing abilities, to help build and deliver the valuable swimming and performance content you've come to trust from TritonWear.
Blog Posts written by Jasmine Ong

How to Improve Your Swimmer's Technique in 3 Easy Steps

3 simple steps to improve your swimmers' technique and help them achieve their swimming goals.

Coaches Corner

How TritonWear Facilitates Coach Collaboration

Athletes trust their coaches to guide them towards success. Sometimes, this involves coaches working together and collaborating, so they can further contribute to the growth of their athletes. Here are 4 ways TritonWear promotes a collaborative environment for coaches.

Coaches Corner

How TritonWear Can Help You Get Recruited

Swimming scholarships are limited and college recruitment is a highly selective process, which means having a competitive edge is extremely valuable. Here are a few ways you gain recruiting advantage with TritonWear.

Conquer Training

5 Ways to Set Your Swimming Goals for the 2019 Seasons

Goal setting is an ongoing process. Here are 5 ways to effectively set your swimming goals for the 2019 seasons.

Conquer Training

How to Swim Faster Freestyle

Whether you're a triathlete training for open water, a competitive or recreational swimmer, improving your freestyle is likely on your radar. Here are a few tips to swim faster freestyle.

How to Swim Faster

Why Your Breaststroke Technique is Failing You

If you're struggling to improve your breaststroke technique, check if you're making any of these common breaststroke mistakes.

How to Swim Faster

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