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How TritonWear Facilitates Coach Collaboration

Here are 4 ways TritonWear promotes a collaborative environment for coaches to further contribute to swimmers' growth and the team's success.

Athletes trust their coaches to guide them toward success. Sometimes, this involves coaches working together and collaborating, so they can further contribute to the growth of their athletes.

In this article, we will explore the four ways TritonWear promotes a collaborative environment for coaches.

1. Brainstorming ideas to improve individual swimmer performance

When an athlete experiences a decline in performance or hits a plateau, there are always ways to move past it.

However, there will be instances where the different workouts implemented don’t result in improved outcomes. Or, the difficulty could start with spotting the root of the problem, which isn’t unusual when a coach has worked with the athlete for a long time and has watched them swim every day.

When either scenario happens, a fresh pair of eyes provides a different perspective, presenting new opportunities to restart progress.

With TritonWear, coaches can easily share training results with one another. With access to the same data, they can collaborate and review the athlete’s metrics. They may also be able to find missed performance trends, the take it a step further and identify the cause of the plateau/ decline in performance.

Once the problem has been identified, coaches can use the data to brainstorm ways to address the specific problem for that swimmer.

Unleash your speed.

2. Promoting a smooth transition for athletes

When athletes move up to a more advanced group on the team, they experience big changes in their training routine. Suddenly, practices are longer, and the training load is heavier. They go through an adjustment period before they fully adapt to their new training environment. Coaches can help ease this transition for athletes.

With TritonWear, coaches can go over the athlete's data together so that the new coach can have more insight into the athlete’s current performance. They can build on where the athlete left off, helping them adjust better to the new training program by knowing what they need.

Shared data also enables the new coach to ensure that the athlete doesn’t experience a massive spike in training load and put them at risk of injury.

3. Ensuring training objectives are aligned

When swimmers attend camps, they train with different coaches. This is a great experience for athletes to have under their belt. They get to try different programs, switch up their routines, meet other athletes, and learn from other coaches.

But ultimately, one of the most valuable benefits of attending swim camp is it brings them closer to their performance and outcome goals.

With TritonWear, an athlete’s coach can receive data from workouts completed at the camp. They can keep track of what their athlete is doing and how they’re performing and ensure the workouts align with their overall training objectives.

4.  Evaluating and improving the effectiveness of training programs

Coaches and athletes have limited time in the pool to train, so each session should be maximized. This means that athletes need to put in the effort at every practice, but it also means that each workout they perform should contribute to their overall progress.

And when it comes to evaluating training effectiveness, an outside perspective can provide greater insight.

With TritonWear, coaches in different groups within a team can do peer reviews of workouts implemented throughout the season. They can pull up a history of workouts and analyze the training progress of the athletes in that group. They can give each other constructive feedback and collaborate on how each group can improve further next season.

This ensures that the entire team trains effectively and continues to grow.

Coach Collaboration through TritonWear

Jasmine Ong

Jasmine has over 13 years of competitive swimming experience and is a marketing professional by trade. Jasmine enjoys merging her swimming history with her natural marketing abilities, to deliver valuable swimming and performance content.

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