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How TritonWear Can Help You Get Recruited

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Jasmine Ong

You’re in your final years of high school, starting to think about the next steps, and you’ve done your homework - figured out what you want to major in, looked into which training program might fit your goals, researched the coaches you’d be working with, and came up with a shortlist of colleges you want to get into.

Now, you just need to get recruited.

You’re a fast swimmer, you’d be a great fit for the team, and you have good grades. But, scholarships are limited and college recruitment is a highly selective process, so you’re looking for a competitive edge.

Here are a few ways you gain recruiting advantage with TritonWear.

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1. You have a better trajectory for progress.

TritonWear athletes have higher improvement rates than regular athletes. NCAA swimmers improve 17% more than the average athlete, and club swimmers perform 40% better with TritonWear.

As an athlete who uses TritonWear, you’re already in better standing in terms of your current performance, and you’re primed to see an upward trend in terms of future progress.  


One of the first things recruiting coaches will look at is your personal best. Given the highly competitive nature of college swimming, school teams want fast swimmers who will score points. So fast times will catch a recruiter’s attention and put you in the running for recruitment.

But, coaches don’t just make decisions based on competitive history and best times. They also look for potential. Granting you a scholarship means they are investing in you for the next 4 years. With your TritonWear recorded data, you have something concrete to show them of your continuous and consistent progress, demonstrating that you are a good investment.

2. You have a deeper understanding of your performance.

Your access to the various amounts of data TritonWear offers provides you with a more comprehensive view of your performance that will be difficult to obtain otherwise.

You gain plenty of insight into the specifics of how you swim, such as learning your exact strengths and weaknesses, or understanding how changes in certain components of your swim can impact your overall performance.

This level of insight provides countless possibilities for progress. You can plan out specific benchmarks you want to hit to get to your ultimate outcome goals. Even if you hit a plateau, being so in tune with your performance will enable you to find ways to break out of it.

Eventually, you develop good training and race strategies that best suits you.

All of these make you a better competitive swimmer, positioning you as a more desirable candidate for recruitment.


3. You can talk to recruiters more intelligently.

Recruiting coaches want coachable athletes they can invest in and work well within the next 4 years. With a deep understanding of your personal performance, you have the ability to communicate with college recruiters more effectively.

You can talk about your best times, but you can set yourself apart by also diving deeper into the specifics. You can impress them with your knowledge of your different metrics, and how you’ve utilized them to hit your targets and make progress in your overall performance.  

You already have what it takes to be successful in the next big chapter of your life. A tool like TritonWear just shows recruiters that you’re truly engaged in the training process, open to feedback, and dedicated to improving as an athlete.

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