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Improve YOUR Freestyle Flip Turns in 3 Simple Steps

Well-executed freestyle flip turns not only drop time, but also create an advantage. Explore the 4 parts of the turn, and how to improve in 3 simple steps.

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The Top 2 Freestyle Streamline Secrets, revealed!

The top 2 freestyle streamline secrets to make the most out of every lap you swim. Because improving here will shave time - delivering huge race advantages

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4 Foolproof Freestyle Catch and Pull Drills

Freestyle catch technique and the pull phase are complex. An efficient and powerful stroke requires a difficult-to-attain balance of strength and technique

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Cultivating a Fierce Freestyle Kick

why is freestyle kick so important, and what does it take to cultivate a fierce freestyle kick? In this blog we answer these questions and more. Dive in!

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How to Have a Flawless Freestyle Swimming Recovery

The recovery phase helps you recover from, and set your body up for, the next freestyle stroke. Learn to execute a flawless freestyle swimming recovery.

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How a Bilateral Breathing Pattern Will Make You a Faster Freestyler

Bilateral breathing is less about how often you breathe, more about developing the ability to breathe on both sides to balance your entire freestyle stroke

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