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How to Maximize Your Training with Swimming Gear

7 tips on incorporating swimming gear into your training to get the most out of them and use them to your advantage.

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Epic Showdowns in the Pool: women's 100m Butterfly - Sydney 2000

An analysis of how Inge de Bruijn dominated and broke records at the Women’s 100m Butterfly event during the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Race Analysis

Epic Showdowns in the Pool: Men’s 200 Backstroke – Australia vs. Japan

TritonWear analyzes Ryosuke Irie record breaking backstroke in the Duel in the Pool: Men's 200 Backstroke race between Australia and Japan.

Race Analysis

How TritonWear is Changing Coaching for the Better

How TritonWear is changing swim coaching by not only enhancing the process but making it easier, completely revolutionizing how it's done.

Coaches Corner

Featured Athlete: Kendyl Stewart

Kendyl Stewart discusses her preparation for the Olympic trials - training, goals, taking ownership for her swimming and handling pressure.

Success With Metrics

Letting Your Swimmer Take Ownership: 7 Tips for Swim Parents

Being a swim parent is hard, letting go is even harder. Read on to learn 7 Tips for swim parents on how to tackle this mountain.

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3 Steps To Success


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Turn it on, take your mark and let TritonWear do the rest


Track Training To Isolate Weaknesses

Understand how to improve with precision and purpose.


Act On Insights and Win!

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