Katie Marr

With 8+ years in sales and marketing, and over 20 in competitive swimming, Katie brings a wealth of knowledge to direct both the Marketing and Sales teams at TritonWear. Her strategic guidance helps the teams position TritonWear as a solution to many of the most prominent concerns affecting the competitive swimming community today.
Blog Posts written by Katie Marr

How to: Device Maintenance and Data Collection

Learn device maintenance with the tools provided to keep devices current and providing critical data feedback helping improving the interpretation of data.

Success With Metrics

Building the Perfect Turn: Push Off Strength

Get the inside scoop on TritonWear's Push Off Strength. Learn how it's measured, and what different results can indicate for a swimmers overall performance.

Success With Metrics

Train Smarter to Break National Records

Learn how a Norwegian swimmer broke national records using TritonWear to train smarter and accurately pinpoint areas of her race where she could improve.

Success With Metrics

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