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Off Season Practice: Do's and Don'ts (clone)

Off-season practice can be a valuable opportunity to get an early advantage heading into the next season. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your off-season training.

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TritonWear Race Analysis: Men's 400m Freestyle - 2016 Olympic Games (clone)

The men's 400m freestyle at the 2016 Rio Olympics was not only a thrilling race to watch, but there were also plenty of insights to be gained from the metrics at play.

Race Analysis

Triathlon Ontario Partners with TritonWear to Enhance Remote Coaching (clone)

Triathlon Ontario announced a partnership with TritonWear, who will become its official swim analytics platform provider.


8 Key Factors in Achieving Competition Success (clone)

Learn about the 8 key factors to consider during the next swim training to help achieve competition success on the quest for the podium.

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Becoming a Better Swim Coach Using Sensor Technology (clone)

Sensor technology such as TritonWear records relevant data for coaches to easily analyze swimmers' performance.

Coaches Corner

Featured Athlete: Kendyl Stewart (Clone)

Kendyl Stewart discusses her preparation for the Olympic trials - training, goals, taking ownership for her swimming and handling pressure.

Success With Metrics

3 Steps To Success


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