How to Engage Your Athletes, and Keep Them Engaged

Coaches Corner

One of the biggest challenges of being a swimming coach is how to motivate and engage your athletes to be as passionate about their success as you are.

Young swimmers simply lack the understanding of the power of self-motivation, while older swimmers may start questioning their devotion to the sport during rough patches of the seasons.

Between exploring social circles and noticing peers with spare time to socialize while they have practice or competition.

TritonWear offers a unique opportunity to engage athletes to participate in their own success in a new and exciting way.



Get involved in their own success

The first way TritonWear increases athlete engagement is enabling swimmers to get deeply involved in their own training and progress. Coaches always strive to include each swimmer in the process as much as possible.

However as groups grow, coaches find it difficult to guide each swimmer individually, and one on one time becomes rare. When this starts to happen, swimmers may lose trust in the process, and by extension lose trust in their coaches.

With TritonWear, athletes have access to the same data as the coach, allowing them to see the training they are doing, the meters they are putting in, and their incremental improvements in various areas.

This enables swimmers to approach their coaches with their own insights, and have conversations about the direction they should go. Both the swimmer and coach benefit in this circumstance.

The swimmer takes more control over their training, motivating themselves through personal involvement and seeing their own growth.  The coach gets valuable insight from the data, without having to spend the time digging through it.  


Track their own progress

The TritonWear system is also a great tool for helping swimmers track their own progress throughout the season. As important meets become few and far between, athletes may have to go long periods of time without knowing if all the hard work they are putting in will pay off, or if they are heading down the wrong path with their training.

As swimmers get older they may only have around 2 championship meets a year, having to go months without knowing if their training is helping them improve.

With TritonWear, athletes begin to track their stroke improvements on a macro level. Swimmers can see if they have improved their stroke efficiency, underwater, DPS or any of the other metric TritonWear tracks.

With this they can see if their training has made their stroke better, and will be able to start training with more confidence knowing the training they are putting in will pay off when it’s time for their championship meet.

The athlete will also be able to see if their training is not working in the early stages, enabling a conversation with their coach about where they need to be with their training based on the data they collected.

Every swimmer is unique and needs their own unique training plan and practice types. With TritonWear you can easily identify what is working for specific swimmers and pivot training to fit their unique needs.


Set and Track Goals

TritonWear is also a great goal setting tool. Most swimmers will already have outcome goals for their season, in terms of times they want to hit or where they want to place. Process goals are often overlooked, but are important part of improvement.

A swimmer may say they want to hit a 15:30 1500, which is a great goal but it's too broad. Instead what's going to help get them there is setting their smaller process goals. Being able to improve stroke efficiency, time UW or turn time will get them closer to the final goal faster.

These short term week by week goals will engage swimmers more than ever as they can come into every practice with a clear goal in mind and can immediately view the results of the practice, allowing them to see their progress towards that goal.

The facts are quite clear, as swimmers grow older they become less and less engaged in their training. They burn out as it gets harder to improve, and they get less one on one time with their coaches.

TritonWear is a great solution to this problem, allowing swimmers to become more engaged with their own training, track their improvements on a short term basis, and set great process goals they can work towards, and achieve day in and day out.


3 Steps To Success


Outfit Team

Turn it on, take your mark and let TritonWear do the rest


Track Training To Isolate Weaknesses

Understand how to improve with precision and purpose.


Act On Insights and Win!

Let TritonWear give you an edge on the competition.