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Grouping Athletes for More Organized Tracking

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Jasmine Ong

One of the major benefits of using TritonWear is the instant access to the data of every athlete in the water outfitted with the units. This enables you to see their metrics as they’re going through the sets, so you can immediately give personalized feedback during practice.

But depending on your team structure, simultaneous tracking could pose a slight challenge. You might have over 30 athletes using the units at once, or have different swimmers performing different workouts, bombarding your tablet with all sorts of data. This makes it difficult to parse through the data and make sense of all of them, mildly defeating the purpose of having real time data on hand.

So what can you do? You can assign athletes to groups on TritonWear Insights, based on the way your team trains and your preference. You’ll then be able look at each group independently on TritonWear Live during the workout.

Some sample groups you can have: 

  • Distance swimmers
  • Sprinters
  • Injured swimmers
  • Grouped by stroke 

Why Group Athletes

By using groups, you can view smaller, and perhaps similar, sets of data. It improves the way your athlete tiles are organized, so only the athlete data you want to see will be displayed at a given time. 

If, for instance, you have each lane of swimmers doing different set intervals and you don’t have them separated out into groups. The data will be coming in at fairly different intervals as well, and may require a bit more effort in finding the tiles assigned to the athlete. With groups, you can more easily keep track of a specific subset of swimmers, have a more systematic view of their metrics, easily comparing metrics between athletes, before switching over to another group.

Another advantage of separating athletes into groups is the ability to also pause the workout for an entire group, while un-paused groups continuously track and update. Without groups, you would have to either pause the entire workout for everyone, or go through the process of pausing individual athlete tiles.

This feature also allows you to have different tile views between groups at once. So, you can have a detailed tile view for certain groups, while using a more general grid view for others. Without groups, you can still easily toggle the tile views; the limitation would be that it would display the same level of detail for every athlete.

How to Group Athletes

  1. Log on to TritonWear Insights 
  • On the left hand side, click on Manage Groups
  • From there, add a new group by clicking on Add New, where you can name your group and assign athletes
  • You can edit groups through Insights any time, adding or removing athletes from a groupmanage groups - add new
  1. This will be reflected in TritonWear Live
  • You can easily switch back and forth between groups by clicking on their assigned tabs


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