TritonWear Race Analysis – 2016 Olympic Games Women’s 200m Backstroke


Katinka Hosszu of Hungary led the field for almost the entire race, flipping in first position at each of the walls. While Hosszu was expected to win, Maya Dirado of the United States exploded off the final turn and rapidly made up the difference, charging into the final touch to take the gold in a time of 2:05.99. Hosszu settled for silver in a time of 2:06.05 while the Canadian Hilary Caldwell held onto third place to touch for bronze in 2:07.54.

See the results, along with the complete metrics of the women's 200m backstroke here.


While Hosszu appeared to be comfortable in the lead for most of the race, on the final length Dirado found another gear. She rode the surface of the water with a high stroke rate, blasting past Hosszu, who began to fade in the final stretch when her body position sank lower in the water. It all came down to the final wall – Hosszu faltered coming into the touch, which was enough to give up her lead to Dirado, who timed the wall perfectly and dove into the finish for the win.

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