Triathlon Ontario Partners with TritonWear to Enhance Remote Coaching



June 14, 2018 – Triathlon Ontario, the recognized Provincial governing body of Multisport in Ontario, announced a partnership with TritonWear, who will become its official swim analytics platform provider.

The partnership will serve as a major value add for athletes involved with Triathlon Ontario's Provincial Development Program, in addition to an attractive discount program being developed specifically for member Age Group athletes and coaches who want to achieve performance improvements in the water through data analytics.

Triathlon Ontario is currently conducting a review of its Provincial Development Program, with the intention of relaunching in the fall. The revised Program will offer a range of services for development athletes ranging from full-service direct coaching with the province, to drop-in, non-compulsory training opportunities. TritonWear's unique technology become an integral part of the program, assisting Triathlon Ontario in its ability to provide first class coaching and training support to those that want to take their development to the next level.

Whether you are a self-coached Age Group athlete, a coach training athletes remotely, or just looking to have real-time access to powerful swim related data, the TritonWear platform can help you achieve your goals in the pool.

Triathlon Ontario and TritonWear are currently working on a special package for Triathlon Ontario members that will further enhance membership value. Details and timing will be announced shortly.

About TritonWear

The most accurate swimming wearable technology on the market, delivering performance improvements through data analytics. TritonWear works with clubs, schools and federations around the world, helping athletes achieve new heights. TritonWear captures and transmits data in real-time to screens on deck, and tracks trends over time for every outfitted athlete. The combination of personalized feedback and increased accountability for each athlete naturally increases engagement and overall success. For more information, please visit:

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Triathlon Ontario is a non-profit organization that is the recognized Provincial governing body for Multisport in the province of Ontario. Our mission is to provide leadership and governance for the development of a safe and fair environment for Multisport in Ontario. Triathlon Ontario oversees the sanctioning of races and clubs and undertakes a number of duties and responsibilities on behalf of athletes at every level, coaches, clubs, officials and race directors to ensure the growth and development of the sport in a fun and safe way. For more information please visit:

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