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Becoming a Better Swim Coach Using Sensor Technology (clone)

Sensor technology such as TritonWear records relevant data for coaches to easily analyze swimmers' performance.

Coaches Corner

How TritonWear is Changing Coaching for the Better (Clone)

How TritonWear is changing coaching by not only enhancing coaching but making coaching easier and completely changing how it's done.

Coaches Corner

How to Engage Your Athletes, and Keep Them Engaged (Clone)

How TritonWear helps further engage your athletes by accurately setting and tracking goals, while helping athletes view their own progress to the goal.

Coaches Corner

Featured Coach: Jeremy Organ (Clone)

Jeremy Organ talks about the value of TritonWear in improving his team, and how he uses the system within his workouts.

Coaches Corner

3 Steps To Success


Outfit Team

Turn it on, take your mark and let TritonWear do the rest


Track Training To Isolate Weaknesses

Understand how to improve with precision and purpose.


Act On Insights and Win!

Let TritonWear give you an edge on the competition.

Get Your Feet Wet