Hungarian Masters Swimmer Sees Over 30% Improvement with TritonWear

Success With Metrics

Today, we are exploring some of the success a Hungarian coach has had using TritonWear, not only with his team, but also as a masters swimmer himself. A view from a swimmer and coach's perspective simultaneously. This is just another example of how practice makes perfect. 

Bocska's First Impressions

Hungarian master swimmer and coach, Balazs Bocska, has been using TritonWear since June of 2016.  During the past year, he has focused on improving his swimmers’ performance, as well as his own. We recently spoke with Balazs regarding how TritonWear has helped him along the way.

Balazs shared with us that he has used a few different technology products in the past, but found the data was not accurate enough to suit his needs. So, he continued to search for another solution. He was looking for something that would collect accurate data, and allow him to monitor his improvements over time in a simple format, which he found in TritonWear.

As Balazs settled into using TritonWear regularly, he realized the two most valuable components were Data Collection and Data Structuring. He told us to his knowledge “there is no such product on the market that could do the same thing.”

Working Closely with TritonWear Technology


As a masters swimmer looking to improve his own performance, Balazs focused on his backstroke, indicating it was “a weak point for him.”  He began monitoring his stroke rate and count, and found by being aware of his metrics he was able to identify when he had a bad practice, and quickly understand why.  He would look deeper if he didn’t hit a target, to understand what happened so he could improve on the next set.  He said one of the most valuable things he found was “If I can reduce my stroke count, but maintain the same stroke rate, its huge, my split time will guaranteed improve.” This revelation allowed him to really focus his efforts and gain significant improvement.

With TritonWear in his cap the past year, Balazs confidently stated “I am 39 years old, and still improving.  I don’t think I would be able to without this product, TritonWear has helped me improve my backstroke metrics by 30-40%. I could not have accomplished this without it.”

An achievement like this doesn’t come around every day and was only made possible with TritonWear. We want to congratulate Balazs for his amazing accomplishment, we are so glad we could help!

TritonWear and Coaching

When it comes to the coaching side of his job, Balazs truly believes “This systems will basically do half of your job, so you can produce swimmers twice as good in the same amount of time.” When you no longer have to pay attention to your stop watch and count strokes or spend your time after practice calculating metrics for each swimmer, you suddenly have time to actually impact their performance in a much more efficient way. You can literally gain 10 years of experience in just 1 year using this product”.  

Balazs also warns it’s not enough to simply have the technology. His teams philosophy is the swimmer has to be really into it to make it worthwhile, saying “as soon as you have the swimmers interested, it becomes more valuable." Having only the coach wanting it won’t work. He suggests starting with a smaller profile package, then upgrading once the swimmer is really invested. This gives the best experience allowing both the swimmer and coach to ease into the technology without getting overwhelmed. 

So, as Balazs has shown us, TritonWear is not a product meant solely for the elite swimmers, it is designed to help swimmers of all ages and skillsets develop their strokes to make the improvements they want.  It’s as personal as the sport itself.  Why not give it a try yourself, what have you got to lose?

3 Steps To Success


Outfit Team

Turn it on, take your mark and let TritonWear do the rest


Track Training To Isolate Weaknesses

Understand how to improve with precision and purpose.


Act On Insights and Win!

Let TritonWear give you an edge on the competition.